Can I Call a Loss Assessor After I Have Submitted a Claim?

Can I Call a Loss Assessor After I Have Submitted a Claim?

You already know, hopefully, that the best way to manage your insurance claim for property damage is to appoint an independent Loss Assessor, who can steer your claim through the often confusing process. But when is the best time for it? Can you be too late, or too early?

The Earlier the Better

The ideal time to contact a Loss Assessor, such as Allied Claims, is as soon as you’ve reported your claim to the insurance company and received your claim number from them. Although you could theoretically get in touch before this, there wouldn’t be a lot of point. You couldn’t appoint us as your Loss Assessor at that stage, and we’d be unable to act for you.

As soon as we have your claim number, we can swing into action straight away. We’ll contact the Loss Adjuster appointed by the insurance company to find out how they’re viewing the claim. If that’s less than ideal, we’ll argue your corner with at least as much professional insight as they have.

At the same time, we’ll be organising quotes and dealing with the companies involved, and then project manage the repairs and renovations and submit invoices to the insurer when it’s done. Best of all, as you probably know, it won’t cost you a penny.*

Can I Call Later?

You’re completely entitled to appoint a Loss Assessor at any stage during your claim, and if for any reason you haven’t done so at the beginning, by all means put that right as quickly as possible.

There are definite disadvantages to leaving it late, though. By that time, you’ll have probably dealt with the Loss Adjuster yourself, whereas you’re better off if the Loss Assessor negotiates with the Loss Adjusters. It’s far better having a professional interpreting the fine print and the various clauses in a policy as early as possible.

If you do come to us late, after your claim has been thrown out on a technicality, we’ll do our best to renegotiate it. But that will be considerably harder than if you’d contacted us right at the beginning.

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* Your Policy Excess always applies.