At What Stage of an Insurance Claim Should You Call a Loss Assessor?

If your residential or commercial property suffers damage from fire, flood or accident, or if your possessions are stolen in a burglary, you’ll normally need to start an insurance claim straight away. It might seem a no-brainer that the insurance company will pay for any repairs or replacements you need, but once you’ve negotiated with their Loss Adjuster, you’ll see it’s a lot more complicated.

Though the Loss Adjuster won’t be trying to cheat you out of your rights, part of their job involves saving the company money they’re not obliged to pay out. This means they’ll scrutinise your claim for faults and inconsistencies — and they’re usually very good at their job.

The solution is to appoint an independent Loss Assessor. Loss Assessors, such as Allied Claims, are insurance professionals who are at least as expert as the Loss Adjuster. However, the Loss Assessor is entirely on your side. They’ll handle all negotiations with the insurance company, as well as liaising with contractors and obtaining quotes.

Isn’t It Better to Try Yourself First?

Many people with an insurance claim might assume the best strategy is to do it themselves and only call in a Loss Assessor if something goes wrong. After all, it might be perfectly straightforward.

That could be true — if you’re very lucky. The reality is that insurance claims are rarely that simple. This means that by doing it yourself you risk making an error in your claim which the Loss Adjuster will pick up on and use as a reason to refuse your claim or reduce the pay-out. The Loss Assessor you then appoint will try to get the decision reversed, but that can be an uphill struggle.

The best way to avoid this is to appoint a Loss Assessor the moment you know you’re going to be making a claim. This way, they can help you prepare your claim with no loopholes, making it unlikely you’ll be turned down. Why not get in touch with us to find out how Allied Claims can help you?