Avoid Fires This Summer

The recent warm weather probably won’t last, but it’s a reminder that summer is on its way. Summer means a lot of great things — holidays, excursions, outdoor events, picnics, barbecues. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, it also means an increased risk of fire.

Every season has its own fire risks, but the summer risks are particularly acute outside. Last year’s dry summer produced plenty of high-profile fires on open moorland, but the problem can be closer to home, too. Barbecues are a major fire hazard, and they’re likely to be in your back garden, threatening your home.

Whatever type of barbecue you use, it’s vital to keep it away from trees, bushes or wooden fences, and never leave it unattended. If you have to make an insurance claim because your property has been damaged, you’ll have to explain how it happened. If the fire was caused by your negligence, the Loss Adjuster might turn down your claim.

Fire Hazards Can Be Indoors, Too

Although you’re not going to be using indoor heaters much over the summer, keeping cool can also cause trouble. If you have to use electric fans heavily, make sure they don’t overheat and cause a fire.

Another hazard we find is often behind an insurance claim for fire during the summer is glass. Glass can focus sunlight to such an extent that it can set fire to paper or fabric, so make sure you don’t leave mirrors or other glass devices in direct sunlight. And don’t leave anything flammable where the sun can shine on it directly on it through the window glass.

Of course, genuine accidents can always happen. If you take sensible precautions, though, you won’t leave any reason for the Loss Adjuster to deny you compensation. In that case, Allied Claims can help you win your claim.