So What Have Loss Assessors Ever Done for Us?

If you’re not familiar with the convoluted world of insurance, you might be tempted to ask (with apologies to Monty Python) “What have loss assessors ever done for us?”

And, as John Cleese found, the answer’s quite long.

Most obviously, of course, we’ll handle your whole insurance claim on your behalf. That’s invaluable to you for a number of reasons. In the first place, it can be a very time-consuming process that involves arranging endless appointments, not only with the insurance company’s representatives, but also with contractors you need to provide quotes — and most of these will have to be within working hours.

The other major problem of handling your claim yourself is that you’ll have to deal with the insurer’s loss adjuster. Now, any reputable loss adjuster will treat you professionally and legally, but part of their job is to find ways of legitimately reducing their employer’s liability.

That’s a problem, because the loss adjuster is an expert in insurance and will be able to spot any slight error you’ve made in putting forward your claim — and that could lose you some or all of your pay-out. Fortunately, a loss assessor is just as expert and will ensure there’s nothing in how your claim is presented for the loss adjuster to pick apart.

A Loss Assessor Can Oversee the Repairs Too

As if managing your insurance claim and negotiating with the loss adjuster weren’t enough, many loss assessors (including Allied Claims) will project manage the repair works as well. That’s not always easy for you to do yourself since, just like those appointments when making the claim, the contractors will probably need to carry out the repairs while you should be at work. You have the choice between leaving them to it or take a lot of time off.

The chances are, too, that just as you may not speak insurance, you also may not speak builder, painter or decorator, and you’re unlikely to know whether they’re doing the work as you need it done. We do. Loss assessors like Allied Claims will project manage the work, deliver your property back to you fully repaired and send all the bills to the insurance company.

So, apart from handling your insurance claim, negotiating with the loss adjuster, ensuring you get everything due to you, arranging for quotes, project managing the repairs, billing the insurance company and delivering your property back to you as good as new — what have loss assessors ever done for you?

Well, we’re very nice people, too. Why not get in touch to find out?