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5 Easy Ways to Let the Burglars Help Themselves to Your Christmas Presents

Times are hard for everyone, including your local burglars. So, if you really want to help them out, these are five simple things you can do to help them steal your Christmas presents from under your nose. And not only that — you may even be giving your insurer’s loss adjuster a Christmas present by allowing them to turn down your insurance claim.

  1. When you receive Christmas cards, just throw the envelopes intact into the bin. That will make it easy for burglars snooping around your bins to find out your name and address and clone your identity.
  2. Keep your presents clearly on view through the windows. That will tip the burglars off that your home is worth breaking into. Even better, leave them unwrapped, so the burglars can see clearly what’s worth taking. Burglars are basically lazy — you can’t expect them to unwrap each present.
  3. When you do wrap your presents, wrap several items together — or, even better, put them into a gift bag. That will make them easier for the burglars to carry as they make their getaway.
  4. Make sure everyone knows about your holiday plans by leaving your bags and suitcases in full view. Even better, mark your holiday clearly on a calendar visible through the window — and don’t forget to announce your plans on social media.
  5. Avoid joining the Neighbourhood Watch, instead just put up a sign saying “Beware of the Dog”. That will reassure the burglars that there’s no alarm set, as the dog’s clearly moving around the house freely.

But Seriously…

Of course, if you don’t really want the burglars to get in, you can simply do the exact reverse of the advice above. And, needless to say, double lock your doors and windows whenever you’re out and invest in an effective alarm. That will not only frustrate the burglars, but also ensure that, if they should manage to get in, the loss adjuster won’t have any reason to turn down your insurance claim.

We at Allied Claims would all like to wish you a happy, burglary-free and insurance-claim-free Christmas and New Year. And if, in spite of everything, you do need to make a claim, we can handle it for you.

Allowing you a calm, silent night.


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