The Dog Ate My Insurance Policy

If you’re a dog owner, you know how much mayhem they can cause when they’re in the mood. Sometimes, in fact, it can lead to owners having to make insurance claims.

According to one insurer, they handled almost 4,000 insurance claims during the five years to the end of 2022 that involved damage by dogs. And the average cost of the claims, which ranged from breaking a laptop to eating a set of dentures, was £1,200.

So, while you might assume the insurer’s loss adjuster might be sceptical about a dog-related claim, it’s likely they’ve seen something similar before. Some are pure accidents, such as a dog falling into a swimming pool and damaging the pool liner (though fortunately the dog was unhurt), while another involved a nine-stone Rottweiler standing on a phone. Inevitably, the Rottweiler came off best.

On the other hand, some of the incidents were those feats only a dog can achieve. Like walking through spilt paint and trailing it all over the living-room carpets. Or chewing a pen that leaked onto the sofa.

Then again, some dog-related claims are a little simpler. Watches, wallets and jewellery are all among the items that have been lost while walking or playing with a dog.

Are Dog-Related Incidents Covered by Your Insurance Policy?

If your dog has caused loss or damage, you’d expect that you could make an insurance claim on your home insurance policy. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Many policies specifically exclude damaged caused by chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling by domestic animals.

So how can you make sure the loss adjuster will accept your claim for canine damage? The best way is to add on a personal belongings section to your policy. This will certainly cover all those losses while out with your dog, as well as many other losses away from home, and it may also apply to damage done by dogs at home. However, it’s vital to check the wording carefully, to make sure this isn’t excluded.

And no, we’re not aware of any case of a dog eating an insurance policy. Maybe they aren’t as appetising as homework. But, if you make sure you have the appropriate cover in place, Allied Claims will be able to help you get recompense for your dog’s mischief — or accidents.


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