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Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters — Under No Circumstances Get Them Mixed Up

As independent loss assessors, we sometimes find that people assume we’re actually loss adjusters. It may seem like a small difference — but it’s not. Imagine confusing your accountant with the taxman. Or embarking on a court case with being sure which lawyer is on which side. Not a mistake you really want to make.

A loss adjuster is employed by the insurance company, and as such their main focus is to save their employers from paying out anything the claimant doesn’t have the right to. Fair enough — except that they’re experts, and you’re not. And that means you might end up being penalised for an honest mistake.

That’s where loss assessors like Allied Claims come in. When you need to make an insurance claim, a loss assessor is an insurance expert fighting your corner. We’ll make sure you’re not being denied a pay-out you should be entitled to.

Like the taxman and the opposing lawyer, a loss adjuster isn’t doing anything wrong. They’re professionals carrying out their job — but they’re not on your side. A loss assessor is.

Why Should You Use a Loss Assessor?

So why should you use a loss assessor? What’s wrong with managing your own insurance claim? Well, you can if you choose, and if yours is one of those rare claims where everything is cut and dried, that may be good enough. For most claims, however, the help a loss assessor can offer could prove crucial.

  • An expert in your corner — The insurer will have armies of professionals, from loss adjusters to lawyers, who can pick holes in your claim. A loss assessor is at least as expert, and will know exactly what to challenge in the insurer’s arguments.
  • Getting what you’re entitled to — Insurers’ claim forms can be confusing to the lay person. It’s all too easy to make a simple error that results in getting less than you should — or even nothing. A loss assessor will guide you through the process, making sure there are no errors.
  • Speeding up the process — It’s all too common for insurance claims to drag on, while you’re coping without anything from valuable possessions to your home. A loss assessor will know exactly how the process works and can make sure your claim goes through as quickly as possible.
  • Cutting down the stress — Like any unknown territory, making an insurance claim can be both stressful and time consuming. A loss assessor will take on negotiating with the loss adjuster and the innumerable professionals you need quotes from. You’ll be kept updated, so that you know exactly where you stand at all times.

Just like a lawyer or an accountant, a loss assessor like Allied Claims is an expert professional who can take the stress, delays and pitfalls out of making an insurance claim.


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