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When an insurance claim has to be made for fire, flood, accidental or criminal damage to rented property, the needs of freeholders, leaseholders and tenants may all have to be taken into account. The most serious issue for the landlord may be loss of rent, but that can be reduced by efficient management of the claim by an independent loss assessor.

A claim by a landlord for damage to their property by fire, flood, accident or criminal activity can be even more complex and stressful than claiming for a private home, since it will involve loss of rent as well as damage that needs repair. Using Allied Claims as your loss assessor can cut through the complexity and reduce the stress, allowing you to get on with your life while the claim goes through.

Allied Claims have considerable experience of claims by landlords, and we’ll manage the whole process, ensuring the insurance company’s loss adjuster is made aware of everything you’re entitled to. The services we offer include:

  • We organise emergency repairs, including any specialist repairs that may be required.
  • We make sure the property is thoroughly surveyed, identifying any hidden or non-obvious damage and including it in the claim.
  • We draw up a complete inventory of the contents and building damage you’re claiming for.
  • We make an accurate assessment of your loss of rental income as a result of the damage.
  • We undertake all contact and negotiations with the insurance company and their loss adjuster.
  • We discuss all your options with you for settling the claim, such as reinstatement of the property versus a cash settlement.
  • In full consultation with you, we manage all appointments with independent surveyors and contractors, and submit their quotes.
  • We supervise the surveyor, ensuring that your wishes are fully met in the reinstatement.
  • We project manage the work on your behalf, and submit all invoices to the insurance company when everything’s completed to your satisfaction.

Allied Claims can negotiate with the insurance company from a position of equal  expertise, ensuring not only that your property is fully reinstated, but also that you receive everything due to you for loss of rental income.

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